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Why Join The Steak & Butter Gang?

Bella @SteakandButterGal created The Steak & Butter Gang for all of her carnivore, ketovore, and keto friends in hopes of helping everyone stay inspired and accountable 365 days a year.

The Steak & Butter Gang is a private, zero-judgement community of carnivores and carni-curious people that are seeking expert guidance, 24/7 accountability, and consistent motivation to conquer their health and weight loss goals.

The SBG 30-Day Carnivore Challenges happen every single month. Select a plan below to learn from Carnivore MD's, get guidance from expert Carnivore Coaches, and to access our complete Priming, Feasting & Fasting Program.

Community Benefits

✅ Weekly Live Community Calls with Bella & Coaches

✅ Weekly Live Q+A's with Carnivore MD's + Experts

✅ Weekly Live Priming 101 Calls with Bella + SBG Coaches

✅ Weekly Live Fasting 101 Calls with Bella + SBG Coaches

✅ Weekly Live Carnivore 101 Calls with Bella + SBG Coaches

✅ Weekly Live Sugar Addiction Recovery Calls with SBG Coaches

✅ Weekly SBG-Exclusive GIVEAWAYS for members only


✅ Ask questions & get insight 24/7 from SBG Coaches, Experts, + Members

✅ Access to 24/7 Chats for 24/7 Community + Support

✅ Access to THOUSANDS of Carnivore Recipes, Snacks, Meal Plans

✅ Access to our popular Progress Pics Feed to stay inspired & accountable

✅ Feel the power of belonging to a tribe of THOUSANDS of like-minded friends

✅ Easily find members NEAR YOU to connect with Carnivores in real life!

To access all the benefits listed above, PLEASE SELECT OUR MEMBERSHIP PLAN BELOW. 👇

See you inside the SBG COMMUNITY!

- Bella @Steakandbuttergal

P.S. The Steak & Butter Gang is a judgement-free and  dogma-free space to share, connect, and learn..